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Mark writes...

I just want to say how much I appreciate how you are using Milestone characters in Young Justice. Even though it was not meant to be this, it still is a great tribute to Dwayne MacDuffie's memory, especially considering how underused the characters are in the comics proper.

And now for actual questions...
1) Out of all the villians in the Light, Queen Bee seems very out of place. In the comics, the Bialian Queen Bee was never given an actual name. So, was Queen Bee added because A) you wanted a dictator supervillain and she fit the bill, B) it was the perfect role for Marina Sirtis, C) you wanted to add an obscure character to the Light, or D) all of the above?
2) Related to the above, will Queen Bee be given an actual name? Not searching for spoilers, it just bothers me that she didn't have a name in the comics.
3) Since Young Justice is TV-PG, you can get away with a lot more stuff than, say, Spongebob. So I'm wondering if there was anything in the scripts that you wanted to add but the higher-ups did not allow. I say this because someone asked earlier about Rocket's son and wondered if Cartoon Network would have allowed a character to be a teen mother. Not looking for spoilers, like I said before, but I just like knowing behind the scenes stuff, although I assume you would like to save revealing this stuff until after the show's finished.

And finally, will Stephanie Brown appear? Oh, wait...that might be a...*puts sunglasses on* Spoiler Request. *YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH*

Greg responds...

1. None of the above, really. She made the master villain list, and she seemed to be a nice fit with the others. Much as I love Marina, casting didn't play into it at that stage. Her being the dictator of a country, her powers, her being female all played in. I personally don't think of her as being obscure, but that's probably because I was writing comics in the late eighties, when she was prominent.

2. What makes you think her name isn't Bee?

3. We haven't had much in the way of censorship issues on this series.

Response recorded on April 12, 2012