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Tiffiny Whitney writes...

Okay...I have two questions, but being as they are not on the same topic...you'll get the other question separately. First...it's about the Goliath/Elisa relationship. Throughout the entire series (which I was completely obsessed with before it was cancelled), you could pretty much tell they had something going on (especially when Elisa became a gargoyle). Had the series not been cancelled, would they have acknowledged their feelings for each other and maybe have done something about it? I don't think that violates any of your rules, especially since it wouldn't have any point to suggest an idea because the show is cancelled, but if it does, don't think it does because it isn't. I hope you can answer it! Thanks! :)

Greg responds...

You're last sentence gave me a headache.

And I do want to note that the fact that the series curently isn't in production, doesn't preclude my need for protection from "original ideas" about the show. Because someday, in some form or another, I hope to bring the thing back.

Anyway, on to your question. I feel that Elisa's kiss in HUNTER'S MOON, PART THREE was an acknowledgement of her feelings for Goliath. And I feel Goliath has, on a few occasions, attempted to acknowledge his feelings for her, but that she always stopped him. So I don't think this is a secret anymore.

As for future stories, yes, of course the relationship would have progressed at the same SLOW steady pace.

Response recorded on February 03, 2000