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Foxwolf writes...

Hi Greg

I've been looking forward to new episodes for months and loved Misplaced this morning. It's amazing how you make some episodes feel like mini-movies. Fitting both a compact story AND characterization for so many characters on screen is no easy task, but you guys pull it off wonderfully.

I wanted to ask you if were able to fill in the blanks for some characters who did not have credited voice actors?

1x09 - Bereft
- Scientist #1 (moustache and glasses)
- Scientist #2 (beard and glasses)

1x11 - Terrors
- Belle Reve Guard Hart
- Belle Reve Guard Cooper

1x13 - Alpha Male
- Hunter (who hunts with Mayor Hill)

1x17 - Disorder
- Norman
- Norman's Mother

1x18 - Secrets
- Museum Curator

- Commissioner Gordon (I think it was him who spoke to the adult crowd)
- Amber
These might be too minor to have a credited actor
- Girl on street who lost her mom who was sitting on the stairs
- Man in car who lost his son
- Man who yelled at man above
- Kid who said Artemis sang the wrong song

Thanks again for your help on these and for such an awesome show. Not since Avatar The Last Airbender have I looked forward to a new episode in a series as much as I do for YJ. I also hope the quality in animation never changes. To me, the overall quality (esp. character shadings) was better than the recent Justice League Doom, which used the same designs by Phil Bourassa.

Greg responds...

According to my my notes - which were accurate per the day of the recording, but may not reflect with perfect accuracy the final product - here's what I've got:

Scientist #1 - Nolan North
Scientist #2 - Marina Sirtis (Looks like we changed this to a guy.)

Guards in the script were NOT identified by name.
Prison Guard #1 was James Remar. (I think his lines got divided up among a number of different guards.)
Prison Matron #1 was Masasa Moyo.

Hunter #1 - Nolan North.
Hunter #2 - Bruce Greenwood

Thug #1 (Norman) - Nolan North.
Old Woman (Norman's Mother) - Grey Delisle.

Museum Curator - Crispin Freeman.

Okay, clearly here, you were just impatient and not prepared to wait to see who played Gordon and Amber. Both names appeared in the credits, which were eventually reposted here. So I'm not going to reward your impatience by reposting those answers here.
Kid #1 - Dee Bradley Baker
Kid #2 - Lacey Chabert
Mother - Masasa Moyo
Father - Khary Payton
Driver - Kevin Michael Richardson
The children in the gym aren't identified separately in my notes.

Response recorded on April 13, 2012