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catbat writes...

I wish some fans would stop dissing Talia and Catwoman...they are strong independent complex women and Batman is not cup of tea either. He has a history of jerkish behavior and commitment and intimacy issues. In your series he seems more approachable and kinder and I think that makes him even better for anti-heroines like Talia and Selina. And it's not like he has lacked for many so called "good" women. Some of those other women thrown at him are not even workable and therefore that is why we always go back to Talia and Selina. Yeah, I'm rambling but I think Talia and or Selina fit in Batman's world and the fact they have painful pasts make them more able to share and even understand Bruce's painful past. And in any case...it's your show/verse to explore. And I like it. Um, would be nice to see the awesome Damien Wayne debut on YJ.:)

Greg responds...

Well, I'm particularly fond of the Selina Kyle that I grew up with - which may or may not match up with more recent interpretations. Talia interests me too. We'll (eventually) be seeing more of her in the comics. (Beware the "Serpent", I always say.)

Response recorded on April 16, 2012