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J-GL/Dattaboy writes...

Greg ive liked yourself since I was a kid Gargoyles, as a teen Spectacular Spider Man and now with Young Justice. I know you did a lot of stuff in between but those really stick out to me.

Anyway on to the questions and I'm trying to be careful to avoid any spoilers.

1. Youve said before that you have access to every DC character, does this also include Wildstorm characters?
2. Like on land would it be correct to assume that are different kinds of ethnic groups that occupy the population of Atlantis specifically the group that looks most human?
3. What did most Atlanteans evolve from or is magic involved?
4. Icon and Rocket operate on a global scale or are they mostly stick to the US and Dakota?
5. What is the Guardians of the Universe policy for how many GLs are needed for each sector?
6. Between the time of the JSA and the start of the JL were there any other active public superhero groups?
7. On the team right now who is the best hand to hand fighter?
8. Since Kaldur left before he could graduate magic school does that mean that since Zatanna joined the team she is the better magic user?
9. Speaking of Kaldur since he is Aquaman's lad does that mean that if Aquaman retires than Aqualad will become the new Aquaman, but not the new King of Atlantis?
10. What does being Aquaman mean anyway or how much overlap and what are the differences between being king of Atlantis and being Aquaman?
11. Do Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor operate in the same social circles?
12. In this continuity does Luciuos Fox know Batman's secret id?
13. Does Wonder Woman have a secret id?
14. Would it be safe to assume that other than Conner Kent no other hero has used the name Superboy?
15. Artemis grandparents were they good people or were they similar to her parents?
16. Back when the team was in Biyala the Light mentioned they had a new partner does this mean their new partner was joining the group of seven or did it mean they have a new business associate

Greg responds...


TO THE MODERATORS: Feel free to delete any post that has more than five questions, give or take. I don't want to be anal about this. If a sixth question really is just an extension of question five, than we can be lenient. But the opposite is also true. If folks are cheating by asking a question 1 and then 1a and then 1b and then Ic, etc. so that it only APPEARS that they've asked five questions or fewer than delete.

I hate to do this, but I'm running out of options. As long as people continue to disregard the posted rules and guidelines, the queue will never shrink. And I feel like every time I sort of shrug and let it slide, I'm only making the situation worse. So I'm going to have to be tougher and make the moderators be tougher as well.

Now there are a bunch of really good questions up there, J-GL/Dattaboy, so I hope you repost them again - in three or more posts of REASONABLE LENGTH.

Response recorded on April 16, 2012