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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg! You are doing a great job on Young Justice. I just had a couple questions:
1. Are Bette and Barbara good friends? They are around each other a lot
2. This might sound stupid but, does anyone on the team (besides the mole) know who the mole is but, there hiding it for whatever reason.
3. are Green Arrow and Black Canary getting serious in their relationship?
4. Are Superboy and Miss Martian getting serious with, their relationship?
5. In Misplaced when some of the team went home to see thier parents and or relatives, why didn't we see Miss Martian reuniting with, John or Kaldur with, his mother or King Orm?

Greg responds...

1. Not particularly. Barbara's a freshman. Bette's a sophomore.


3. See issues 20 and 21 of the YJ companion comic. (And, yes, that was a SPOILER REQUEST, but I like to pimp the comic.)

4. Define serious.

5. There wasn't screen time to show EVERY possible reunion.

Response recorded on April 16, 2012