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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg,
Congrats on the return of Young Justice! And damn, what a return! First off, thank you for adapting the first story of the original YJ! And it was damn good! Thank you, thank you. Now for other things I liked about it, I loved the design on the Riddler, very classy. Also, appearances by Blackbriar, Faust, Wizard, all cool. And Zatara, holy crap that was awesome! Now onto a few random questions;
1-One thing I enjoyed about the original World Without Grown-Ups was the teen ehroes dealing with kids who went crazy. Had you more time in the episode, would you have shown some clips of kids doing stupid stuff?
2-How did you guys approach the deisgn for Riddler? Cause again it was an awesome deisgn.

Greg responds...

1. We did, actually. There's a scene that we even animated where two tweens are joyriding in a speedboat and nearly get themselves killed, but Aqualad saves their bacon. (It's part of the sequence where Superboy saves the toddler from a crashed car and Miss Martian scares off the taggers. But it got cut for time.

2. I give full credit to Phil and Brandon on this. My main role was to walk in and fawn over it after it was done.

Response recorded on April 18, 2012