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Harlan Phoenix writes...

What were the creative reasons that lead you to choose to write "Misplaced" personally/

Greg responds...

Oh, a few things.

1. The complexity of it made it challenging for me - which is something I look for - but also would have made it difficult for a freelancer to take on and nail the vision I had in my head. So in a way it saved time to write it myself.

Plus there were a number of specific aspects that interested me, including:

2. The "death" of Zatara and its effect on Zatanna.

3. The advancement of the Wally/Artemis relationship.

4. The fact that the kids on Kidworld were actually handling the crisis better than the adults on Adultworld.

5. The advancement of Billy's storyline.

6. The visual of Batman talking to Aqualad 'directly' despite the fact that the audience knows that Billy/Cap is being used as a go between. I like that arty stuff.

7. The mix of humor, action and tragedy is always fun to write.

8. The fact that Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and ABC have the same tune.

9. I'm fascinated with mob mentalities and demagogs. So, for example, if you've read or seen Castaway's speech to the Quarrymen recruits in "Nightwatch/The Journey" you'll recognize a similar technique in Crusher's rants at STAR LABS here.

10. The timeline: telling a story. Starting over and telling it again from another perspective and then merging it.

11. The dual world idea.

12. And ultimately, not just because it was a classic Young Justice story to adapt, but because it's SUCH a perfect story for a show about teen heroes, I couldn't resist.

There's probably more, but a dozen reasons will do for now.

Response recorded on April 18, 2012