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conner writes...

1.Have Conner and M'gann been on a date?
2.How come out of all the males on the team Superboy is closest to Aqualad?
3.Does Mr. Carr have any powers?
4.Why are Conner and M'Gann keeping there relationship a secret from the team?
5.Is Conner good at sports?

Greg responds...

1. Depends on what you count as a "date".

2. He likes all three, but he appreciates Aqualad's serenity.

3. Doesn't every great teacher?

4. Two main reasons: (a) because it's something that belongs to them and they want it to themselves and (b) they don't want their judgement called into question on missions.

5. He hasn't tried in any significant way, but probably.

Response recorded on April 18, 2012