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Alexi writes...

Hi Greg, just watched "Misplaced." I thought it was a great episode!

1. Why were the faces of The Light not "lighted-out" at the end of the episode, the way they were in their first appearances?
2. Was Sportsmaster's getaway driver the Riddler?
3. Do the five evil wizards featured in "Misplaced" all have different specialties and, if so, what are they?
4. It seemed like Zatara was unaware that Billy Batson was Captain Marvel. Is this true, and if so, did anyone else on the League know about Captain Marvel's secret identity prior to the events of this episode?
5. The Team didn't send out a signal asking other under-18 heroes to join them. Are they aware of other young heroes, specifically Rocket? Is the Justice League? (Seems like if the Justice League knows Icon, they probably know of Rocket)

Anyway, thanks so much for a great and for taking time to answer fans questions.

Greg responds...

1. They were communicating with people who already knew their identities.

2. No, but Riddler's getaway driver was Sportsmaster.

3. I'm sure to some degree they do, but I haven't worked them all out. But Blackbriar Thorn is a druid. Felix Faust is an alchemist. Wotan is an immortal Viking sorcerer (at least in his latest incarnation. Klarion is a Lord of Chaos. Wizard is a wizard.

4. Only Batman.

5. I'd guess they were aware of Rocket's existence. But Rocket and the Atlantean heroes were also busy. They were on their own. (The rest you probably know by now.)

Response recorded on April 24, 2012