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RobinFan writes...

Hey, just wanted to say that that new episode was amazing! I watched it over and over aagin. I couldn't find many complaints about it. But one thing i wanted to ask was: at the end, some of the team reunited happily with their parents. They did not show Robin and Batman. :( could you maybe confirm if they had a talk or something that wasnt shown? Or is that too emotional for the big bad Bat? Also, were Robin and Artemis seriously injured in the fight? I mean, they were knocked out for most of it and when Robin woke up, he was holding his side and talking as if in pain. But back at the cave, they were both carrying boxes. Just wanted to know if their injuries were something we'll see/will effect them in the next ep (broken ribs etc.)
Thank you, and this is one of the best shows i have ever seen!

Greg responds...

1. There just isn't room to show everything and everyone. But you can be sure that both were very glad to see each other.

2. Not seriously. Though of course, most super-hero shows play a little fast and loose with that sort of thing.

Response recorded on April 30, 2012