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Alexi writes...

Hi Greg,

I've been wondering about the inception of "Young Justice." Specifically, when was the show named? Was there any point at which it was "Untitled DC Animation Show" or was it "Young Justice" from the get-go? And did you choose the name "Young Justice," or was the project given to you with the name already in place?

Relatedly, did you consider at any point having The Team on the show be called "Young Justice," or was that always meant to just be the title of the show?


Greg responds...

This is MOSTLY ASKED AND ANSWERED, but, yes, the project was handed us as "Young Justice" though I suppose if we had wanted to change it, we might have had the opportunity to suggest alternatives. But none of us wanted to change it.

We did have a discussion about whether the Team should be called "Young Justice" - but Sam, Brandon, Kevin and I all agreed that it would be cooler to make that ONLY the title of the series and not of the Team. At least, given the tone of our series.

Response recorded on April 30, 2012