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JSA Fan writes...

Hi Greg.

A couple of questions about Misplaced:
Nabu desired Zatanna as a host because of her youth and magical ability.
Zatara persuaded Nabu to take him instead with his comment that he was at his peak of ability. Would Nabu's ideal host be someone both young and powerful? As a Lord of Order, would a potential host's virtue or goodness make a difference in his decision? Do youth and virtue/goodness amplify Fate's power?

With Captain Marvel, I liked your emphasis on Billy and his qualities of intelligence, determination, bravery, and loyalty. Cap is a powerhouse, but has shown the playfulness and enthusiasm of a child, not to mention a love of junk food. Billy is a child that showed the maturity of an adult, not to mention a love of the ladies.
As Billy ages, can the Wisdom of Solomon and Courage of Achilles bridge the gap between him and his alter ego? In other words, could those gifts somehow carry over to Billy without his transforming?

Thanks for taking my question.

Greg responds...

Youth probably mattered, but to an immortal entity the difference between Zatanna and Zatara's ages may have seemed insignificant.

I'll leave the goodness question to your interpretation.


Response recorded on April 30, 2012