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Anonymous writes...

A few questions and comments:

1. First off, I agree that with you that the term "goof up" wasn't
quite an accurate description of how Shakespeare did "Macbeth". He had his
artistic reasons for changing the story (plus, James I was a descendant of
Duncan and Canmore, so Will obviously had to whitewash those two in order to get
the play staged :). I was just speaking informally. At any rate, thanks
for answering my question about how accurate Malory's version of Arthur's
reign was in the Gargoyles Universe.

2. Why was Oberon so upset about the scorn that his "Children" felt
towards humans that he banished them from Avalon for a thousand years? He
showed a LOT of scorn towards humans himself in both "Ill Met By Moonlight" and
"The Gathering".

3. Does the non-interference edict forbid Oberon's Children to meddle
in the lives of gargoyles, or does it just extend towards humans?

4. Where (generally speaking) do you see the cave where the two
archaeologists found Merlin's Scrolls in "A Lighthouse in the Sea of

5. What places do you see King Arthur and Griff visiting on their
quest for Merlin?

6. What inspired the idea of the head of the Illuminati Society being
a friend of Arthur's? (If answering this question would give away
Duval's true identity, please ignore it).

7. How involved in the day-to-day work of the Illuminati is Mr. Duval,
in your opinion? (I'm asking this because I can't help wondering how
appropriate it is for the Fisher King - which you said that Duval was
- to be involved in such things as working with organized crime, running
the Hotel Cabal, or funding the Quarrymen. It strikes me as a real
conflict of interests).

Greg responds...

1. You're welcome.

2. Everything's relative, and besides, Oberon isn't exactly a
model of self-analysis.

3. Mortals includes humans and gargoyles.

4. Wales.

5. Some obvious ones. Stonehenge, Tintagel, etc. Some less
obvious. South Pole, for example.

6. Mostly it came out of some long term thoughts I have always
had about which members of the "original cast" of Arthurian Mythology
would still be alive in the twentieth century. I came up with seven
names, including Arthur, Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. In thinking
about what would have happened to these seven individuals during the
intervening years, it became clear to me that the Fisher King could very
easily have brought the Illuminati into existence. It just seemed

Let's have another contest. The first person to post -- here at
Ask Greg -- a list of all seven individuals from Arthurian Legend who I
believe have in some way survived into the late twentieth century will
receive... absolutely nothing, accept an acknowledgement of correctness.
Post seven names. I won't give anymore hints. (Heck, I've given you
three out of the seven names one paragraph up.) If you don't get ALL
seven names correct, I'll just tell you that you blew it, and I won't
say which names are right and which are wrong. (Todd, I'm expecting
great things from you.) Have fun.

7. Well, to analyze conflicts of interest you need a clear
sense of an individuals goals and methods. I don't think I've given you
either. I'd say there's very little the Illuminati does that Duval is
unaware of, but that doesn't mean he micro-manages everything. (GDW / 4-20-98)

Response recorded on April 20, 1998