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Scott writes...

I noticed that on this week's Young Justice episode "Coldhearted" that Batman explained that Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart were 'offworld' and unable to help. Now that there's a GL:TAS airing with YJ on DC Nation, are you prevented from using GL associated characters on YJ? If so, is it a similar situation to the 'bat embargo' that was placed on Justice League Unlimited when The Batman started airing?

Greg responds...

No, not at all. There's no embargo. I'll admit that we often use the excuse (especially in Season One) of our Lanterns being offworld - but it's because they're SO powerful, they could potentially solve all problems between the two of them. But I also feel in-universe justified about this, because they have an entire sector to police, not just Earth.

Response recorded on May 15, 2012