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Ray writes...

Hi Greg,
I really applaud you for your series. The plot is so smooth and cryptic, the prefect tone for this type of series!
1. What were the incantations of The two-dimensions-merging spell and the the ice-tower-explosion spell?
2. Why does everyone refer Zatarra by his last name Zatarra? Even Zatanna does it. It's like calling your father by his last name (which is also your last name).
3. Do Zatanna and Giovanni know that their spells are reversed? Do they make it up on the spot? Or are they already existing spells, and that having it backwards was jus for fun?

Greg responds...


1b. Erif nrub; nordluac elbbub!

2. Zatara is his stage name as well as his nom-de-guerre as a hero.

3. The backwards speak is a requirement of their particular brand of magic. Otherwise, Zatanna explained it best herself in "Humanity" and again in "Misplaced".

Response recorded on May 22, 2012