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Zergrinch writes...

Hi Greg.

I have three questions concerning Revelation.

1. It was only after Ivy's plant was blown up by Robin, that Count Vertigo gave orders to kill the team. Obvious reason aside (we won't have a show if he killed them at the start), why did he bother to take them prisoner? Assuming he planned to use them as superhuman shields against the JLA, why did the calculus change once the plant was gone? Wouldn't the team be more valuable as hostages to use as a bargaining chip for safe passage?

2. You have provided a list of incantations in a previous post (http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=13947), but it does not include the spell Wotan used to strengthen Ivy's baby. I am hearing "Ra letu do, ut seo!" which Google Translate renders as "Bestow death's role as a sphere", but I would love some official confirmation.

3. "Coldhearted" shows Count Vertigo calling in favors from the Light, presumably in exchange for services rendered in Revelation. Vandal Savage's personal involvement implies that Vertigo was fully aware of his acting as a proxy for the Light. Events in "Misplaced" indicate Wotan was aware of this as well, since he was aiding Klarion. Were the other conspirators (Black Adam, Poison Ivy, Atomic Skull, Ultra-Humanite, and especially Joker) aware of this as well?


Greg responds...

1. I'll chose to leave this to your interpretation.

2. The spell was "Valetudo ut sero!" I can't seem to find the translation at the moment.


Response recorded on May 16, 2012