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CGYJ writes...

Hello Mr. Greg Weisman,

This is my second attempt at posting #12; this will be part A of the posting. Honestly, I don't know what I did wrong to get my posting deleted. I looked it up just to be safe to see if it was approved and it wasn't there... I'll give you the first five questions, which were in regards to the highly anticipated Young Justice: Invasion. PLEASE understand that NONE of these questions are asking for sensitive information (ie. the overall plot, episode summaries, etc.). All these questions that I give you are asked in a careful manner so that there would be no risk of leaking any sensitive information whatsoever. If any of them do, just ignore that specific question. Besides, I'm guessing by the time you respond to this, Season One will be officially over, and we'll be waiting for months with anticipation for Season Two, so hopefully no harm should be done in this posting. So here we go, again!

1. By the time Season One of Young Justice is over, what is moral of the entire season that we will have learned? For Season Two, what is the moral we are expected to learn? There's always something important to learn; that's the fact of life.

2. If the theme of Season One is all about secrets and lies, then what is the theme that we should expect from Season Two? I'm guessing that while it's different from that of Season One, it's just as equally important.

3. From a list of adjectives, which are the best examples to describe the upcoming Season Two? (ie. heart-pounding? exciting?)

4. From a list of adjectives, which are the best examples to describe the positions of each of the members of The Team (where they stand) as they transition from the events of Season One to the events of the upcoming Season Two? (ie. depressing? heart-breaking?)

5. From a list of adjectives, which are the best examples to describe what the fans’ expectations for the upcoming Season Two should be? The nature of this question should not be confused with that of question #3; they are NOT the same. (ie. thrilled?)

Hope it all works out this time. Keep up the good work, and keep making Young Justice the best DC animated cartoon it can be! I have absolute confidence in your abilities and those of your co-workers! Believe it!

Greg responds...

1a. I think the assumption within the question is overly simplistic. There are some basic themes to the series as a whole, and some obvious morals one could draw from events, but that's not the type of show we're writing here.

1b. There IS always something important to learn, but I'm going to let you take from the series what you take from it. I'm not going to dictate a moral. And OBVIOUSLY, if I did have a moral for Season Two, I sure wouldn't tell it to you now: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

2. It's still secrets and lies: that's the major theme for the SERIES, not just a single season. Other themes include (but are not limited to) "Growing Up" and "Coming of Age".

3. I'll let you pick your own.

4. CGYJ, you MUST see that this single question 4 is at least eight questions at once. And in any case, I'm not answering it. This forum is NOT designed for me to interpret your viewing experience. You can do that without me.

5. I get that it's a different question, I just don't get why GREG WEISMAN should be answering it. How can I dictate fan expectations?

Response recorded on May 16, 2012