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Zatanna Zatara fan writes...

1. Zatanna has skills in hand to hand combat?. I wrote this question because she don't have fear to attack Harm or intent stop him meanwhile Artemis trying to repair she's bow (in the episode Secrets).
2. The designation number of Zatanna will change?, she now is a official member of the team :), the number change to B08 or not.

From Latin America, thanks for creating the best characters for the series (Miss Martian, Artemis and mi favorite 4ever Zatanna, i love she). Sorry for my mistakes in English

Greg responds...

1. Zatanna has very minimal hand-to-hand skills at the time of "Secrets".

2. Her designation changed when she joined the Team. And changed again when she joined the League just before Season Two.

Response recorded on May 16, 2012