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Anonymous writes...

Hey greg! First of all, I just wanna say that Young Justice is my favorite show, and whatever you're doing, keep doing it. :) I just had a few comments on the last couple of episodes...
IMAGE- loved it. I really liked how M'gann was forced to become her true self and I especially loved the ending with Queen Bee telling her to 'cooperate or everyone will know'. Nice touch, really enjoyed it.
1) Why did it seem like Robin didn't really want to be leader? Was it because of what happened in Failsafe?
2) Where was Zatanna? I thought she was a part of the team, but i didn't see her here.
3) Does Martian Manhunter know that M'gann is not really a green martian? Does anyone else know, or does everyone believe her?
COLDHEARTED- I liked this one, not my favorite necissarily, but I definatly enjoyed it, and I can't think of any question I have that wouldn't be classified as a spoiler.
MISPLACED- I had been waiting for this episode since the series stopped in 2011, and let me just say it was worth the wait. I loved it, I loved Zatanna's heart breaking cry to her father just before he put on the helmet, I loved how Captain Marvel seemed to make the terrible situation funny. And again, no questions without spoilers...
Thanks for reading and I hope I didn't waste your time! Sorry if there are any spoilers or anything, I tried my best to stay away... Please answer as best as you can :)

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. You also didn't see Artemis or Aqualad.

3a. Yes.

3b. They all know now.

Response recorded on July 17, 2012