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Leslie writes...

Hi, um, I apologize if you've already answered this; I did search the archives beforehand, but just in case I somehow missed it, I'm sorry.

My question is about Robin from your TV series, Young Justice. When you listed the languages that each member of the team speaks, you confirmed that Robin is multilingual, and named a few languages he's fluent in. But you didn't mention anything about Romanian, which I thought was his mother tongue. So which language in your show-Romanian or English-is his first language? And what is his nationality, then?

Thank you, both for reading/answering this, and for Young Justice, which is truly Phenomenal. :D

Greg responds...

He's American born. Perhaps he speaks Romanian too. But I have to admit, this is the first time in over forty years of reading comics that I've heard anything about Dick Grayson's nationality being Romanian...

Response recorded on July 17, 2012