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Abiola Ayanfalu writes...

Just finished watching "Image" which has definitely become my favorite. It particularly resonated with me because I'm a young woman dealing with my own insecurities about my image and my place in society and I was so happy to see M'gann's character develop and deepen in a such a way. So, thank you very much!!! Anyway my questions are:

1.) This episode dealt with deep subject matter in some areas. For example, the fact that M'gann turned into Canary and kissed Conner. I think it was a good set up to dive into M'gann's insecurities better but I also wondered why Canary's discussion with M'gann and the general reaction from the league (i.e. Green Arrow's amusement) wasn't more serious. I think Canary handle it seriously but she didn't really touch on the fact that it was inappropriate not only because it assumed another's identity but also because it violated the teacher-student relationship. So, I was wondering if it was just time limit or inappropriate subject matter or something else? Also, why wasn't Conner included in the discussion (seeing as he is also new to rules of society)?

2.) I'm a little confused about M'gann's background. Did J'onn know she was a White Martian and disguised her or is she just so awesomely cool that she fooled everyone? Is that why he is shocked to find out she is more powerful than he is telepathically?

Thanks for sharing your time and answering questions! I look forward to new episodes.

Greg responds...

1. Time constraints prevented us from going into as much depth as you or I might have wanted. But I think we got the most salient points across.

2. J'onn always knew his niece was white. But J'onn is also open-minded enough to know that her whiteness is only skin-deep (and often not even that). The differences between White, Green and Red Martians are CULTURAL. From a biological standpoint, they are INSIGNIFICANT. And although I think I've stated this before, M'gann IS J'onn's niece. M'gann's mother is J'onn's sister, and she is green. M'gann's father is white. Most of M'gann's siblings are green, though she does have one brother who is white.

Response recorded on July 18, 2012