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Red Robin writes...

Hey, might I first say how much I'm enjoying the work you've done on Young Justice. I grew up watching Gargoyles, and when I heard you were going to be the one behind my favorite super-hero team, I was beyond excited. You've also been able to create such rich mythologies and fantastic characters.

1. So, I know that you've got a large selection of DCU characters that are going to appear in the Young Justice series as both minor and major roles, but due to the fact that there are a lot of variation of certain identities (i.e. 5 different characters who were Robin, 5 different Batgirls, etc...), are there any particular characters that you would have greatly liked to use for the show, but found yourselves unable to due to the continuity and current time setting of the characters you've established?

2. Its been established in the YJ comics that it wasn't only Dick Grayson's parents who died, but also members of his extended family who were also in the act. In the archive I see you named his aunt who died Karla. Did you at any point consider naming her "Harriet Cooper", as in the aunt of Dick's who appeared in the Adam West Batman show?

3. Why was it decided by the creative crew that Dick's uncle would survive, but remained paralyze?

4. Why are white martians portrayed as more humanoid looking in the Young Justice comic, but Miss Martian's white martian form looks more bizarre? Was it part of Miss Martian's lie, or just a decision on the part of the artist of the comic?

Greg responds...

1. Well, I suppose. But given enough episodes and/or issues, I'm sure we'll get to every character that Brandon and I want to get to.

2. Honestly, it didn't occur to me, but Aunt Harriet must exist somewhere on Earth-16.

3. It has to do with a future story idea.

4. AGAIN... nearly all the visuals of Mars in the comic were part of M'gann's lie. ALL Martians actually look (more or less) like M'gann's White Martian form as revealed in "Image", differing only by color.

Response recorded on July 24, 2012