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Reddick writes...

Hi Greg, i would like to ask how does martian shapeshifting work? How did they get the anatomy of any living lifeform correct by thing about it e.g shape and position of lungs, heart reproductive organs etc by just thinking about it.

Also, clayface's shapeshifting ability does the clothes he forms when he changes his form feel like real clothes or like clay and can he take those clothes off or they automatically reduce to clay?

Thank you

Greg responds...

1. Study and experience. Telepathy probably helps. But that's why, in Season One, Miss Martian had trouble with male anatomy. She had not studied it in the same way.

2. They'd feel like clay - though he can modulate how wet or dry, soft or hard it is.

2a. He can shed any of his clay (including fake clothes) as it's a morphic field that keeps him alive. And, yes, once out of contact with him, the clothes would revert to clay... though I'm not sure if the color would change or not.

Response recorded on July 24, 2012