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Todd Jensen writes...

I bought the trade paperback of "Young Justice" (issues #0 - #6) today and enjoyed it. A few specific comments.

1. The Terror Twins gave me a mild "Jackal and Hyena" feeling; I especially thought of the Diamond Exchange scene at the start of "Her Brother's Keeper" when I read the part about them on the loose in the mall.

2. Judging from the flashback to the Joker's invading the Justice League's old headquarters, the Flash must have once been just as much a wisecracker as Kid Flash now is, though he seems to have settled down in the present-day scenes.

3. The story in #3 and #4 ends with Selena apparently getting assassinated by the League of Shadows after all, even after the two assassins we met "on stage" were foiled, meaning that the team failed in its mission - something you don't see in super-hero stories too often. The last silent panel brought that home well, I thought.

4. I thought that #6 came up with an ingenious way of telling Robin's origin story without having him break the "don't reveal your civilian identity" stricture, by having him remember it to himself.

5. The end of #6 was another shocker - a vision of Superman gone rogue, destroying the Daily Planet building and killing Lois Lane and Perry White, before Superboy takes him down. It left me wondering: does whoever was behind Superboy's programming believe (and fear) that Superman may indeed run amok someday, or is that what he wants Superboy to believe? (A rhetorical question, I should add.)

I also enjoyed all the humor in it, from the scene in #0 where Wally's mother is correcting his grammar and Superboy misinterprets her statement to Miss Martian unwittingly demolishing Wally's plan for a private moment with her by the campfire and Wally's account of his origin (and, yes, having two super-speedsters from different eras called "Flash" *is* confusing, though at least they wear different costumes).

I'm definitely buying the next trade paperback when it comes out - and I'm also glad that it's easy to follow for someone like me who has only a general familiarity with DC Comics.

Greg responds...

1. I can see that.

2. Ditto.

3. Agreed. I think Art and Franco did a great job with that.

4. Thanks. We suggested that to Art and Franco.

5. Those aren't mutually exclusive options, of course.

Making it accessible to hardcore and casual fans alike was the goal.

Response recorded on July 24, 2012