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Anonny writes...

Hi, this is from yet another new fan of Young Justice. :) I just want to ask about a line Artemis said in "Bereft" about how she's "seen Kid Flash on the news." Sorry if this seems waaay out of proportion, but I just want to know if Artemis ever had a TV crush on Kid Flash before she actually met him? For some reason her mentioning seeing Kid Flash on the news seemed to suggest that...But then again plenty of people see him on the news, don't they? ...Hmmm...

Greg responds...

I don't think the FACT that she saw him on the news means she had a crush on him. But she could have indeed been curious about him. He's a young hero about her age. That's something that she would have been interested in - maybe even fantasized about - as she dreamed of being a hero herself (and not a criminal like her parents).

Response recorded on July 24, 2012