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J writes...

a few more questions
1.Was Nathan really introduced to his children at the end of issue 10?
2. has he been wearing his air force uniform everday since he was transformed?(i mean it's kinda hard for a guy who's supposed to be dead to go to the mall for clothes,plus would'nt it have been taken away in prison)
and 3. If Captain Marvel stays in the league will they make a transport designation for Billy? in fact how did he transport before misplaced, i mean you think someone would notice their local hero regularly flying into a small alley and disapering?
and 4. who is older Orm, or Aquaman, (in most continuities Orm became Ocean-master out of jeleousy his YOUNGER,half-breed brother became king instead of him)speaking of is this Aquaman pure atlantean(i personally don't care but it seems worth knowing based on the current comic arc)

Greg responds...

1. It's Nate or Nathaniel. Not Nathan. But, yes.

2. No. He's had plenty of opportunities to get new clothes since then. And he has a secret identity, Cameron Scott, for when he's not Captain Atom.

3. Yes.

3a. You could argue that for any or all of our heroes.

4. Orin is older than Orm on Earth-16.


Response recorded on July 24, 2012