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Anonymous writes...

Just watched Agendas. Maggie Q was exceptional as Wonder Woman. For the first time I got a real feeling that she is a real respected member of the Trinity. In other JL cartoons she always feels outside the boysclub of Superman and Batman. Thank you for that. I loved seeing how close she and Superman appear to be and how she supports his choice of nominee when Green Arrow was kind of mocking him and how she lays into Batman too. The superboy and match encounter wow. And Lex reveal. Oooohhh boy. You amped up the drama even more. It's bad enough they took Superman's dna without his consent but they mixed it with Lex's??? How will Clark deal with that one I wonder? Anyway brilliant job on this one. 10 out of 10.

Greg responds...

Thank you!

Response recorded on July 24, 2012