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Greg Bishansky writes...


Damn it, Greg! Please don't make me like Lex Luthor. You've already made me like Venom, stop doing this. Stop taking character that I consider to be lame and making them work for me! Okay, with that tangent out of the way, let's segue into my review.

It's been twenty episodes, and sixteen months since we last saw Project Cadmus. Ideally, we wouldn't have had the delays between episodes that we did, but that is hardly the fault of the show. Still, it was nice to see Superboy "return home" and face his past. This is the third episode in a row to focus on a specific member of The Team. Kid Flash got his episode, Miss Martian got her's. This week, it was Superboy's turn. As with the previous two episodes, this was one the character needed.

I know next to nothing about the DC Universe, but through pop cultural osmosis, I knew who Superboy's other dad was since shortly after the series got started. I thought Luthor was very effective in this episode, and I loved seeing him play the good dad. If I step back and pretend I don't know anything about Lex, his words near the end were frighteningly agreeable.

"Big Boy Blue lives in a world of black and white. You were created by the bad guys, so there must be something wrong with you. But we both know life isn't that clear cut, the real world is full of grays."

And he's right. Lex Luthor is right. I'm sure some Superfans are going to be disgusted with this, but it's true. Now, granted we all know Luthor is a very dark shade of gray, and he is using the truth for his own ends, but that doesn't make him wrong.

I also enjoyed Luthor's Xanatos Gambit. He used Superboy to discover the genomes, and bring them back under control. Smart. Practical. Smarter and practical than the DCAU version of Lex Luthor who threw a fit when something didn't go his way and always got his ass handed to him at the end. But what should I expect when you put Lex in the hands of the man who created David Xanatos. Luckily for all involved, I don't think Superboy is going to turn out to be like Thailog.

Loved finally seeing the Watchtower, and I loved this design. It was built into an asteroid, instead of just being an orbiting hunk of metal. Pretty cool. It was great seeing the Justice League get together and really seeing how they operate, and the disagreements among the team. Maggie Q is a great Wonder Woman, and I loved when she needled Batman for training Dick Grayson to be Robin at nine years old, and I loved it even more when Batman said he did it so Dick wouldn't end up like him.

Four home runs in a row, keep them coming.

Greg responds...

Thank you, Greg.

Response recorded on July 24, 2012