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Rob writes...

1. Why was there a scene cut from Agendas? I mean the one where Superboy demands entrance into Project Cadmus.
2. What did Doctor Fate say after Superman was objecting to allowing underage children in the Justice League? It starts with "That seems....., but I cannot understand what he is saying.
3. Who voiced Hal Jordan and Hawkwoman in Agendas? Are they going to voiced by the same people or was this just a one time thing until others can found to voice them full time.

Greg responds...

1. The slot in the DC Nation block is shorter (to make room for the shorts) than our original timeslot was when we were an independent show. Something had to be cut.

2. "That seems myopic. I have been one with Kid Flash and Aqualad. Both are ready."

3. Neither are officially cast, but I believe that Danica was Hawkwoman and Dee Bradley Baker was Green Lantern (Hal). But unfortunately, my Season One scripts are boxed up at this moment, and I cannot double check.

Response recorded on July 25, 2012