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chlj writes...

Hi Greg!! First let say,I love the series!! I was very excited to see the series return!! I have watched the first four installments since the series has returned,and have enjoyed them very much!!!That being said, my comments and questions are on the 17 March 2012 installment image. Miss Martian is my favorite character, i thought this installment was outstanding! Even those it was hard to see her in so much pain after seeing the vision of Superboy. I hoping this doesn't destroy her relationship with the team, especially her relationship with Superboy, i like them as a couple, i think their good for each other. I can understand why she's wouldn't reveal her true form.I'm pulling for her,i hope good things happen for her!! That not a spoiler request, just making a comment about what i hope for her,Again i'm really pulling for her!!
My questions
1. Does the manhunter have martain vision on this Earth??

2.Why was Superboy so surprised that Miss Martian based a lot of life on that sitcom " Hello megan" ?? When it seemed like he called her out on that in the Terrors episode.

Greg responds...

1. If you mean as some kind of additional power, then no.

2. Who said he was surprised?

Response recorded on July 25, 2012