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Cassidy01 writes...

Wow! 'Agendas' was fantastic!

1. You've said that Black Canary is your favorite (DC) character - do you have a favorite male character?
2. Were Match's irises blue or gray? I couldn't tell.
3. How old is the Atom?
4. What color are Talia Al Ghul's eyes?
5. Is the Atom in this series Ray Palmer?
6. This isn't really a question - I just wanted to say that I love your portrayal of Lex Luthor! He's very manipulative, but in this oddly charismatic way. Perfect for Luthor.

Thanks so much!

Greg responds...

1. Probably Captain Atom, though I'm a big Red Tornado fan too. And of course, I love our versions of Aqualad, Superboy, Robin/Nightwing, Kid Flash, etc. Heck, basically, I like all of 'em. Male and female, young and old, heroes and villains and supporting.

2. I don't know. Weren't they white?

3. As of "Agendas", he was 35.

4. I don't know.

5. Yes.

6. THanks!

Response recorded on July 25, 2012