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Miracool writes...

Not a question, but rather some praise. I seriously love "Young Justice". I think it's an absolutely brilliant show and I like how each episode gets better and better every time. Character development and interactions have been very enjoyable, the plots are engaging, I love all the voice talents chosen for each role, the animation is outstanding... All in all, it's amazing.

Right now, I'm waiting for "Insecurity" to air this Saturday and I'm positively anxious to watch "Performance" the Saturday that follows. I almost can't stand the wait, actually, but I'm being strong! (Fingers crossed for no more hiatuses from CN, too~ XP)

So I just wanted to say thanks to you, Brandon and everyone else involved for giving me a series to love and a good reason to enjoy weekends just a bit more. Cheers!

Greg responds...

You're very welcome. Of course, we're on summer hiatus now, but you got 15 straight episodes first, and a lot of series go on hiatus for the summer, so I hope we're forgiven and that you'll be back with us in the fall.

Response recorded on July 25, 2012