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Anonymous writes...

Oh no! Not only was Superman dna stolen...but by Lex Luthor!!!!! And there is more than one clone! Poor Superman. It is awful when you think about it.People keep giving him a hard time but this was almost like rape.He is by far the victim in all this. I hope this is not used as a plot device for Superboy story but acknowledged and handled sensitively for Superman's sake and the sake on any person who has been violated. And it must be me, but Captain Marvel in the JL disturbs me. He IS a kid in a man's body. I cannot see how Batman can find no issues with it. Are they really going to have him sitting there while they could be discussing things that are not age appropriate? Interesting Batman can just wave his hand at everybody and tell them how right he is and how wrong they are to question him.

Greg responds...

I wouldn't say that Batman is doing that at all. Clearly, he'd personally vote to keep Cap in the League. But he's not even advocating that the others agree with him, and I don't know where you get the idea that he's being superior about it. I think that must be baggage you're bringing to the scene, cuz there's nothing there to justify what you're suggesting in the actual episode.

Since, by this time, we know Cap stayed with the League, a majority must have voted for him to stay.

Response recorded on July 26, 2012