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Jarrod writes...

Greetings Greg!

I fully enjoy each and every episode of YJ, "Agendas" having just aired yesterday.

It did prompt a question or two which I hope do not qualify as spoilers.

1. Given that Batman is "The World's Greatest Detective," and claims he knew about Captain Marvel's secret Identity the whole time (I have no reason to believe he didn't, he is that good after all), Are there other members of the league (or other superheros on the level of the league) who have not shared their secret identity, but Batman already knows their secret. (I am only hoping for a yes or no and would not ask you to provide a list.)

2. From what we saw for the JL's membership procedures, it seems to be almost completely democratic (I hope I did not misinterpret). Each member gets to vote on each issue, each potential member/member under review, etc, even those issues where a member is concerned (IE renewing Dr. Fate and Captain Marvel's membership status). My question is: when Batman was elected as head of the JL, did he vote for himself, or not?

Thank you for taking the time to Answer the questions you do.

Greg responds...

1. Yes, Batman knows the secret identities of everyone in the League. They do not all know that he knows.

2. I'm sure he would have. Though I'm not sure there was a formal vote for individual members when it came to the seven founders.

Response recorded on July 26, 2012