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KayLynn writes...

While I was watching "Image," my jaw dropped. Over a week later, and I have yet to pick it up off the floor. I'd like to chime in with the other commenters on how well this episode works as a metaphor for being a trans person, and the fears and issues that anyone who is in the closet about their gender, identity, sexuality, etc, has to face and work through. That alone has bumped this episode up to second place on my favorites list. (With Bereft still holding the number one spot!) And has also solidified why M'gann is my favorite character in the series.

I love how M'gann's white martian form looks like an actual alien, and isn't sexualized (or even all that humanoid!) in the slightest. I love that her natural form defies the usual science fiction convention of green skinned space babes, and lacks any female characteristics. While I like the reptilian, xenomorph-ish design in the comics, I'd have to say this version wins out.

How on earth did you and the art team come up with such a great design that doesn't look like it's from earth?

Greg responds...

I give full credit to Phil Bourassa and Brandon Vietti on this. I'm just the dopey writer who gets to be impressed by these guys' work all the time.

Response recorded on July 26, 2012