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J writes...

I have a few questions about the transport system
1.If Martian Manhunter was brought to Earth by the league's first transport test,how was he present at the fight they teamed up on BEFORE the league was formed?
2.since they use zeta-beams does that mean they know about the planet Rann?
3.If Roy refuses to be part of the team why is his designation B instead of A?
4.now that Zatanna has technically joined the team does it change her designation code?
5.in 119 was Billy not able to use the teleporter because he had'nt told the league who he really was and the designation was for Captian Marvel NOT Billy Batson?

Greg responds...

1. I never said it was the LEAGUE'S first transport test. It wasn't. It was a Zeta-Beam accident that took place during an experiment conducted by Dr. Erdel (the namesake of the Erdel Initiative where Adam Strange and Eduardo Dorado, Sr. work). This was in 1955, i.e. almost half a century before the founding of the Justice League in 2003.

2. By now, you know the answer to that question.

3. Wishful thinking.

4. Yes. In fact, her designation has changed twice: once after she joined the Team and then again when she joined the League.

5. Exactly.

Response recorded on July 27, 2012