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Anonymous writes...

Maggie Q as Wonder Woman was awesome. It was the first time seeing her speak but I got the sense of a strong woman who can command attention and calls it as she sees it but who has a compassionate side especially in her dealings with Superman and the whole issue with Conner. Are they together? It feels like they have something going on there deeper than just colleagues. I could be misreading the glances and body language. And to be honest, they feel a natural fit. I know you said you will not focus much on the adults on the show but would have been awesome to see her speak to Superman about the boy. It would have been a good contrast to see something else than Batman trying to make Superman do something he was not ready for. Will we see any behind the scene stuff in the comics, seeing you do show Batman and his relationships. Anyway hope one day Superman and Conner can at least have some meaningful dialogue/interaction.

Greg responds...

I'm not going to reveal who's with who here. But given enough episodes and/or issues, we'll get to everything eventually.

Response recorded on July 27, 2012