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Kwesi Brako writes...

Your (the creative team's) choices for voice actors and the direction each actor took has been a vital part of establishing that this show is an entity of its own; its identity is separate from anything prior. It irks me how people get bent out of shape about the voice actors.

1. Seriously though, how does it make you feel when fans second guess you?
2. The design for the Watchtower was original and very cool. Whose idea was it to have it embedded into an asteroid?
3. Not asking if he will, but I'd love it if Superboy gets his tactile telekinesis powers from the comics, I feel its underused. And how did Conner feel when he was told he's part human? It was a bit difficult to tell
4. What's your opinion on child sidekicks for villains?
5. What's Wolf and the Super-Cycle's relationship like if they have one?

Thanks for your time

Greg responds...

1. It's not fun, I guess, but it comes with the territory. As long as people aren't rude about it, I can deal.

2. Brandon's.

3. No. No tactile telekinesis on Earth-16.

3a. I'll leave that to each viewer's interpretation.

4. I'm all for them (as a storyteller). In real life, I think I'd be against them. ;)

5. They're comfortable around each other.

Response recorded on July 27, 2012