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JADE writes...

Hi Greg,
I was wondering about this: In one show (Which I can't remeber the name) Demona, Angela, and Thailog were in it. What I remember the most about it was that in this show Angela said to Demona "I hate you!" And then Demona started to cry and went and fought with Thailog over something---I think it was something to do with Angela. After that I don't think we saw Demona again, but if Angela and Demona would ever sit down and talk about their feelings for each other, would it ever work out? I mean would Demona go back to the clan, or would her and Goliath work something out so Demona can see Angela once in awhile? I know this question isn't to understand able, mainly because I can hardly remember anything from this part of the show only the "I hate you" thing---but please try to answer the best you can. Thank you.

Greg responds...

I assume you're talking about "The Reckoning".

As for answering your question, I don't have any simple reassuring response. This isn't, for example, as clear-cut as a divorced couple arguing over custody of their teen-age daughter. Demona's a would-be mass murderer. She and Angela have much to work through. Stuff that includes mother/daughter relations, gargoyle/human relations, good/evil, nature/nurture, etc. It's an on-going discovery for both characters. And for Goliath as well.

Response recorded on January 17, 2001