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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

For the moment I'm commenting on the current episode!
1- Mmmm Black Spider moves like Spiderman and in voiced by Josh Keaton...cute. When Spectacular Spiderman came out there were some complaints about the design being cartoony. It really grew on me and it worked wonderfully with the incredibly fluid animation. If ever there were a superhero that fluidity suited it it would be Spidy. Black Spider has the more traditional silhouette and movement. Was this seen as a chance to show that as well as an in joke?
2- I see other posters are calling the little blond girl being Arrowette. Clever...age is right judging by Logan...though it would be a significantly different back story (IIRC). I don’t recall her father living long enough for her to really remember him. I haven’t been able to successfully google if “Bowstring Jones” was a real character or not. In the comic book he really seemed a bit of a joke. He was the guy who choked on calamari. That was pretty much it. And all fans know that Peter David wrote her as another illegitimate child of Oliver’s.
3-Another case of addressing questions that have been swirling- Artimas’s mother point blank explains why she allows, even encourages, her daughter’s activities. Of course the irony follows- she is trying to be honest and ends up angering Artimas and shaking her confidence. (I chuckled at Paula’s “Well, I am your mother!” line. Great delivery.)
4-More irony- Artimas mulls over it and reaches the mature decision not to let it bother her because regardless of how she started, she has certainly earned her unique spot on the team... and then Red Arrow is there. Murphy rules.
5- Wally is mature and sweet at the beginning. Then he is mature in his anger and disappointment. Also, it never once occurs to him to question her loyalty. The first explanation that jumps to mind that she was seeking glory, not being a mole.
6- Is it my imagination, or does Cheshire have an accent? If so, why? It has been my observation, excluding isolated communities, children of immigrants don’t pick up the parents’ accents in the local language, only in the ones they don’t hear all around them all the time. I can see her speaking Vietnamese and French with her mom’s accent, but English?
7- Cheshire kissed Roy...lucky it seems she hasn’t started with poison yet.
8- Did Conner rub his arm where the shield patch had been and fly?
9- Loved Wolf’s inconvenient nap time :)
10- I may be wrong, but I still don’t read Artimas as a potential mole. Of course her father and sister are messing with her head, but I don’t think even they think she’ll really turn on her team as much as screw up by being off her game.

Wow! I'm caught up...er nope. I still have the comic books ahead.

Greg responds...

1. Not to me. Phil designed Black Spider for episode 106, without any baggage from SpecSpidey.

2. Let's be frank: you guys haven't seen enough of Cissie to know how similar or how different her origin is. This was just a taste.

3. Kelly is a gem and does a wonderful job as both Paula and Jade.

4. Yep.

5. Yep again.

6. I think it's your imagination. I've never noticed any accent in Jade.

7. Not for Roy, anyway.

8. Yeah, him shielding up there got cut for time. But somehow the arm scratch got left in.

9. Thanks.

10. Well, by now you know.

Response recorded on August 23, 2012