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matt writes...

i was just thinking about the whole Goliath suicide in "Awakening". at first i really understood why Goliath (being he was the last of his kind)did it but as the season went on and i learned things that Goliath must have known i really couldn't justify Goliath doing what he did. first of there was the eggs. those were 36 more of his kind right there! how could he possibly put 36 CHILDRENS! lives into the hands of the people who not only were cruel to him and cursed his species but were not even qualified to raise 36 children of a different species! then there were the other clans of gargs, two must have been pretty close to the Wyvern clan, the clan formed when the Wyvern clan split up and the Loch Ness clan. there were probably many other clans in the vicinity of the Brittish Isles, like the London clan. finally, there are those rouge gargs, some of which became Demona's clan. if she could find them so could Goliath, and with his leadership, who knows the Macbeth-gargoyle alliance might not have ever happened or might have been successful leading to the gargoyles surviving through the centuries. i have trouble condoning Goliath's decision and despite what would later happen in the series i think he made a very bad decision at the time.

Greg responds...

I'm not -- and was never -- asking you to condone it. How could I and how could you? It was a suicide! Hurtful to himself and those who cared about him. Irrevocable, save for an amazing sequence of events that no one could have predicted.

I simply wanted you to understand it.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001