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Nought-o-File writes...

How would you categorize Nought in terms of his place among Oberon's Children? By which I mean would he be a trickster (IE Puck), or a mythical figure (IE banshee), a literary figure (IE Titania), a god figure (IE Anubis), or something else we have not yet encountered? I understand that you don't intend for all Oberon's children fall into only one or any of these, and I don't mean to imply that they all do, it just seems that a lot of the ones we have met tend to fall into these groups somewhere. I was just wondering how you would classify, or differentiate, Nought?

Thanks so Much!

Greg responds...

Nought is the absense of category. He is nothing. The God of Nothing.

Response recorded on August 24, 2012