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Anonymous writes...

1) Has Zatanna's A-03 designation changed since she joined the Team?

2) I know that Hawkwoman and Hal Jordan only had one line in "Agendas" (Hawkwoman said "Hear, hear!" in response to Wonder Woman's comment about the League needing more female members, and Hal said "No" in response to the question about Guy Gardner) but could you reveal who voiced them please, since they went uncredited? I think Vanessa Marshall voiced Hawkwoman but I'm not sure.

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Since they were uncredited, I don't have a list of who played those parts on my electronic copy of the script. I would have jotted down who played them on my cast list on the hard copy of the script I was using at the actual record, but I'm afraid my first season scripts are currently boxed up, so I can't check my hard copy to see. I have a vague memory that Danica McKellar played Hawkwoman and that Dee Bradley Baker played Hal, but I can't be sure.

Response recorded on August 24, 2012