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Jonathon Sparks writes...

Before I begin, I want to say thanks for taking the time to read all of our crazy questions, I know it can sometimes be taxing dealing with the hive mind that is the internet.

1- Since Episode 25's "Usual Suspects" just aired, I was wondering... Since Red Arrow is now a member of the Justice League, has his designation number changed from B-06 to a JL designation number (I'd guess 21 based on his position in line)? If so... do the designation numbers after him (Artemis for instance) get reduced, is the designation number permanently voided, or does the newest member (Rocket) take over that slot? Or something else entirely that I haven't thought of?

... Yeah, I know that one's probably asking for a Spoiler, but I just saw the episode and my inner "OCD comic nerd" is going nuts over it.

2- Hopefully this one is a bit less crazy. I've been a big fan of the Young Justice tie-in comic as well as the show, and I've been more then happy to recommend it to other YJ fans. In particular, several story arcs from the comic tie into the show's continuity, and I was just curious how the whole process of writing those stories works... are the gaps in the show added intentionally to allow for the comics, or are they stories that you just didn't have the space for in the show?

Greg responds...

1. Yes. He's 21.

1a. No, it doesn't work like that. Numbers are, in essence, retired. The exception is Vandal Savage, because he was never supposed to be 'honored' with a number.

2. More the latter.

Response recorded on August 29, 2012