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Tomato writes...

So, this is not really a question, so much as a statement, one that a lot of people may not like me for, but whatever. As someone who has been reading Ask Greg, who currently has his own question in the queue, and who loves pretty much every show you've made: If this section has become an unnecessary burden on you, if it no longer holds any value or fun, you need to stop. I'm not saying you need to close the section down or anything, but if it comes down to a choice between you taking a step back for a month or so or letting things get so out of hand here that you shut it down permanently, then take a step back. Those of us who are loyal, truly loyal, to you and your shows will wait, and those that aren't can go off and whine elsewhere.

Truthfully, I don't think I've ever seen a creator involved with his or her fan base to this extent. It says a lot not only that you take the time to answer our questions, but that you WON'T answer all of them. It shows that you care enough to let us experience the narrative the way it's supposed to be experienced, even if we'd rather worm our way around it.

So yeah, if you need to, let the moderators handle things for the time being. They might have to skip over a few questions here and there, but they've already proven capable of typing "SPOILER REQUEST, NO COMMENT" and really, that's 90% of the answers you give right now anyway >P

Greg responds...

Thanks for the support. I think - generally - we've found a happy medium. The plan is to reopen the site's posting function toward the end of the month when our new episode (#208 "Satisfaction") premieres. Unfortunately, there's little chance I'll have gotten through the remaining 673 questions by then - so the backlog will increase. But whatchagonnado, right?

Response recorded on September 10, 2012