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J writes...

Not so much a question as food for thouht...I'm still doing my research and reading through every past Q&A (tangent here...cant anybody do something about all the repeated posts? There are far too many "askef & answered"s...but leave the "spoiler requests" - they actually give some information sometimes) & I've noticed that you are obviously one of a large number of people who dont like "spoilers" - and you tend to berate those who activly post/seek them out. Now I realize this is your forum, so basically what you say goes...but are you aware (or even care) that there are just as many people out there, like myself, whose enjoyment of most media precludes our knowing how it turns out? Ill give you an example...I will wait YEARS before watching a critcally acclaimed Hollywood blockbuster until I know for sure its worth investing even two short hours (ie. I refuse to watch a movie where the main character/animal dies senselessly at the end... as its a waist of my time and insulting - and the "sometimes death is senseless" argument doesnt work for me...reality IS senseless enough, thats why I like my fiction to make some sense at least...its called "escape" and nit "the eavening news" for a reason).
understand that you definatly would not agree with me, but is it really that hard to understand why some people would get more enjoyment out of your work if they had more to look forward to than the old (an eternally frustrating"just watch and see"? - I cant even tell you how many times Ive up and left the room when everybody else has seen the movie and nobody will answer a simple yes or no question because they didnt want to "ruin it" for me, when in fact they just did.
Basically what im getting at is, could you please not villify those who hust want to know a little more than your giving...Im not asking you to give more, but just because someone doent think like you, doesnt mean they are thoughtless.
Thank you for your time and talent.

Greg responds...

I think "villify" is an awfully strong word from what I've done. I'm often stunned by the desire for spoilers and appalled by those who SPOIL without any thought to those who don't want things spoiled and/or to the CREATORS who put in so much effort to create some surprise in their work. But it hardly rises to the level of hate speech.

And, no, I can't understand it. If you want a 100% guarantee out of your entertainment before you see it by knowing all that's coming... than we have very little in common.

That doesn't mean you're a bad person or that you're "thoughtless" for wanting the spoilers you want. But your thought processes defy my understanding. DEFY. MY. UNDERSTANDING.

But those differences are what makes the world go 'round, right?

Response recorded on September 19, 2012