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Dave writes...

Wow I can't believe how negative some people are being about the time skip. I absolutelt LOVE the new team! I can't wait to see how the old team members have changed in 5 years. Also, I love that Zatanna is on the League now!! Kudos for taking such a big risk. So now my question: Do you have a plan for how the comic will run once the season 1 storylines are done in it? Would you prefer to set it up to show what happened in the 5 year gap, or show stories between episodes like you are currently doing? I'm more excited than ever to watch Young Justice!

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"All this has required some adjustments. The original plan was to finish all the stories set DURING Season One before rebranding the book. But TPTB at DC understandably decided that since the television show has already been rebranded, we shouldn't wait that long to rebrand the comic. And given that, I wanted to launch the rebranding with a BIG story that featured all - or nearly all - of the Team. So the Green Arrow, Black Canary, Artemis, Red Arrow story (set after episode 114), I originally had planned as a two-parter for issues 20-21 will have to wait. Given enough issues (keep buying those books people!), we'll get to everything eventually - including that Arrow-Family story. The new structure will use our timestamps to allow us to bounce back and forth (even within a single issue) from Season One to Season Two to the gap between seasons and BEYOND..."

[Response recorded on June 13, 2012.]

Response recorded on July 03, 2012