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Kevin writes...

1. Being Green Lanterns why didn't Hal Jordan and John Stewart know about the missing Justice League members activities in space?
2. When did Dick Grayson become Nightwing on Earth 16?
3. How long has Tim Drake been active as Robin on Earth 16?
4. Is Guy Gardner a member of the Justice League now?
5. Did the Justice League give a reason for Zatara not being a member anymore?

Greg responds...

1. Why WOULD they know?! <sigh> I think many folks have been brought up to think of their heroes as all-knowing and infallible. It makes me, I'll admit, a little crazy.

Okay, let's start here: the galaxy is HUGE.

The Green Lantern Corps attempts to cover it all, but their membership numbers in the thousands for a galaxy that is HUGE.

Rimbor is a planet largely inhabited by criminals, smugglers, etc. And the government of Rimbor isn't simply corrupt, it's INSTITUTIONALLY CORRUPT. In fact, it's CONSTITUTIONALLY CORRUPT. The Green Lantern Corps is NOT welcome on Rimbor. It's treaty with the GLC states that the Corps can only show up on diplomatic missions or when requested. No one on Rimbor would request the GLC to come - even with a rogue Lantern (plus five other Earthlings) wreaking havoc, because they don't want to give the Corps an excuse to look into Rimborian activities.

So, yes, over a five year period, word of the attack leaked out to the larger sector - and the six Leaguers were labeled as bad guys - but the significance of that may not have registered to the local Lantern, who (a) would be used to the Rimborians vilifying other Lanterns and (b) not understand the significance of Superman, Batman, Hawkwoman, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman being labelled as criminals.

Do you really think that every time a criminal is put on a watch list somewhere in the galaxy that every Lantern tells EVERY OTHER Lantern about it? That just makes no sense to me.

And that's assuming there's a Lantern in that sector AT ALL. Again, big galaxy, relatively small GLC.



4. Yes.

5. Who says he's not a member?

Response recorded on September 19, 2012