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Eagle-Owl writes...

Just saw "Happy New Year". I will admit it was kinda confusing with the timeskip, but it was worth the time. And Tim Curry as G. Gordon Godfrey was PRICELESS!!

1) What's it like working with Tim Curry again? Did you ever want him back on W.I.T.C.H. or Spider-Man?

2) What was Lobo saying in his original language?

3) What were the Kroloteans (is that correct spelling?) saying?

4) What are Zatanna's spells in Usual Suspects and Auld Acquaintance?

Greg responds...


1a. I always love working with Tim, but we need to match up the right role for him with his availability. (He's a busy guy.)

2. Some of the following language has been considerably toned down in translation from the original Interlac. For example, the word 'keezy' translates as 'little', but it has a WAY more pejorative connotation than that.

Also, we originally recorded nearly all of Lobo's dialogue in both English and Interlac so that we could decided later which we'd use with when. But I don't have immediate access to our final decisions handy, so I'll just give you all of it.

*Hahn Sho Lobo skahveyt-ka, ka SKAHvey keezy Krolo! [The Main Man can smell you, you stinkin' little Krolotean!]

*Ka ree? Ka REE? [Seriously?]

*Ka seh Hahn Sho Lobo, Krolo. Plee-ay suh frag. [Just you and the Main Man, Krolotean. Surrender or die.]

*Frag ka. [Die it is.]

*Ka ree? Keezy fem frag Hahn Sho Lobo? Ka ree? [Seriously? This little girl thinks she can take down the Main Man?]

*Keezy fem… [Little girl…]

*Rok tor keezy fem. [Planet of the little girls.]

*Frag-ka, Krolo. [Time to die, Krolotean.]

*SKAHvey Krolo… [Stinkin' Krolotean.]

*Hahn Sho Lobo lok toy. Keezy fem… ka rok, ka rok. [The Main Man's contract's complete. Little girls… your world's your world.]

*Vlash suh frag. [Shut up or die.]

3. With the exception of the fake Tseng's one line in Interlac (i.e. Plee-ay! Plee-ay! [I surrender!]), we didn't bother creating exact translations for the Krollish they were screeching. But I think you get the gist. (And, yes, it's spelled Krolotean.)


Response recorded on September 19, 2012